Официальная прошивка для Zidoo X9S v2.1.22

Официальная прошивка для Zidoo X9S v2.1.22

Производитель мультимедийных плееров – компания Zidoo сообщила о выходе новой версии прошивки для модели X9S. Финальная прошивки вносит достаточно большое количество обновлений и дополнений как непосредственно в саму оболочку, так и во многие предустановленные приложения.

Основные изменения:


  1. Optimize the system stability.
  2. Optimize the accuracy of 23.976 frame rate (Passed by Vertex).

Local Media Player:

  1. Optimized playback stability.
  2. Multiple BDMV folders are played sequentially.
  3. Press the next button to play the next video directly.
  4. Added multiple BDMV video loop playback functions.
  5. Optimized the timing play function.
  6. Added the number key 0 to display timing play menu.
  7. Added Forced 3D TV options.
  8. Optimize the display of audio track list information.
  9. Added the bitrate display.
  10. Fixed the problem of incorrect sorting of video list by file manager.


  1. Fixed the problem of accidental stop running when loading the score if the rating source is IMDB.
  2. Added the classification function by area.
  3. Optimize the matching.
  4. Fixed the problem where creating or deleting non-video files also automatically updates the device.
  5. Fixed the problem of if no actor information in NFO, the details will not automatically load the actor.
  6. Fixed the problem of parsing failed when import the exported NFO file.
  7. Fixed the problem of rematching without showing ratings
  8. Fixed the problem of Child Lock does not work after reboot box.
  9. Fixed the problem of manually matching a movie that cannot be searched by numbers
  10. Fixed the problem of can not be rematched on PC.
  11. Optimize the stability


  1. When the play queue is a single CUE, the list expands by default
  2. Added the arrow hint when playing CUE files
  3. Optimize playlist focus display
  4. Optimize the display of playback information


  1. Remove the countdown prompt
  2. Press the power button to turn off the default

Since v2.1.14 change logs:


  1. Optimize the system stability.
  2. Optimized playback stability.


  1. Fixed 3840*1080 full width 3D video scale display error
  2. Add response pause, fast forward and other shortcut function keys on the Subtitle list interface
  3. Optimize the video information interface display
  4. Optimize subtitle language display
  5. Added the press ‘DOWN’ key to show the video information interface when video is pause
  6. Fixed the problem that UI cannot be displayed full when video is pause
  7. Added pause the video time when frame rate switching
  8. Optimize playback menu loop operations
  9. Added video size display
  10. Added 3D fouced switch

Quick Settings:

  1. Added setting of pausing video time when frame rate switching
  2. Added clean up APP data function


  1. Add a preset scraping source, NFO analysis, etc. when scanning the device.
  2. Optimize the UI display of editing page.
  3. Solve the problem that the popup UI of unmatched video cannot be displayed in full screen.
  4. Added NFO (same as KODI) parsing (Settings — preferences).
  5. Solve the problem of poster image restoration when switching video categories after manually changing posters.
  6. Solve the problem of invalid replacement of local poster, which is from douban or TVDB.
  7. Added preference setting to filter the header character «The» when sorting by title.
  8. Optimize the «Mark as viewed» feature.
  9. Added prompt to indicate that video has been completely watched (a «eye» icon will be shown in the lower right corner of the main interface of the poster).
  10. Solve the problem that the setup wizard setting language does not take effect.
  11. Optimize rating updates.
  12. Optimize backup and restore function, add wallpaper and preference Settings backup.
  13. Optimize IMDb analysis to solve the problem of occasionally unable to obtain season (TV series) information.
  14. Solve the problem of rematching episodes that will stop running.
  15. Optimized display of language list.
  16. Optimize re-match functionality.
  17. Added score source Settings.
  18. Add scraper Settings.
  19. Add fanart function of main interface.
  20. Added a switch that gives preference to local images when scanning.
  21. Added switch for automatic scanning device in background.
  22. Added NFO data export function.
  23. Added mask and blur effect adjustment function for fanart.
  24. Optimize the rematch display interface.
  25. Solve the problem of not being able to back up data to a network share directory.
  26. Optimize NFO export functionality by adding the option to export images and overwrite old files.
  27. Added prompt for local picture in poster editing page.
  28. Fixed the issue that selecting local image for fanart did not work.


  1. Optimize UI speed.
  2. Optimize merging CUE files into one album within the album.
  3. Optimize lyrics display, prioritize local lyrics.
  4. Optimize adding folder animation.
  5. Load data for each category asynchronously to avoid stuttering.
  6. Fixed a problem with restarting the device during playback without saving the bookmark.
  7. The artist and album names of the detail screen are consistent with the bottom playback bar.
  8. Music filename matching is preferred when rematching.
  9. Fixed the problem that playback loop mode not working.
  10. Fixed the problem that the application do not responsive occasionally when rematching.
  11. Sort by add time, add reverse order display.
  12. Added loop operation to play menu.
  13. Added menu for a single file in a folder.
  14. For folder playing mode, click the current lyrics to enter the play details page.
  15. Solve the problem that popping sound may appear when you enter the app for the first time playing music.
  16. Solve the problem that the lyrics and playing state of CUE songs are not synchronized.
  17. Fine-tune interface fluidity.
  18. Solve the problem that the current time of the APE file is incorrect.
  19. Optimization of lyrics synchronization problem.
  20. Optimization time display (sometimes negative).
  21. Fixed the problem that display wrong when playing ape files.
  22. Fixed the problem that information of song is wrong when automatic play next for APE and WAV.
  23. Added pop-up menu shortcuts to open playlists.
  24. Added single song editing for cue files.
  25. Fixed the problem that can not search lyrics if song is launched from File Explorer.

File manager:

  1. Optimize SMB and NFS rescan display mode
  2. Optimize file sort
  3. Fixed the problem that too many storage devices and display error

China Weather:

  1. Fixed weather errors in cities such as Nanjing.


  1. Local upgrade can choose network device upgrade file function (NFS and SMB)
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md5: 5E80E6C05DCE9B27350A6128228AB9CD

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