Прошивка для ZIDOO X9S v2.0.25

Прошивка для ZIDOO X9S v2.0.25

Вышла очередная версия официальной прошивки для медиабокса ZIDOO X9S. Прошивка получила индекс v2.0.25 и принесла многочисленные изменения и дополнения, как в саму системы, так и ряд предустановленных приложений.

Основные изменения


  • Solve the flashback problem with Raytheon iii at 1:55:00
  • Added the HDMI sound output shutdown function
  • Optimized online video playback
  • Added theme switching for desktop and ZIDOO applications
  • Fixed the problem of no sound on the DTS-HD audio track for some films
  • Fixed the problem of playing some video occasionally green screen
  • Optimization of small offset of 23.976 frame rate in some resolution and color depth modes


  • Added Subject ambiguity and mask Settings
  • Added HDMI sound output switch
  • Added player custom key Settings

Wall poster:

  • Added wallpaper features
  • Optimized the scoring accuracy
  • Optimized the setting interface
  • Matching source adds DouBan interface
  • Home ordering increases the modification time of receiving files
  • Optimized the matching of domestic TV dramas
  • Optimized the stability of scanning
  • The problem of optimizing partial DouBan data without obtaining the film name
  • Press the play button of the remote control to play the film directly in the poster details interface
  • Optimized the processing logic if the background is scanning when changing the language
  • Enhance the relevance of characters and solve the problem that douban characters cannot relate to films that have not entered the details
  • Fixed the problem that the sorting parameters of the classified screening interface of the poster service are not effective
  • Added year parameters when matching
  • Increased data source selection when rematching
  • The issue of flash back in certain special cases when repairing scanned posters
  • Fixed the problem of inaccurate search in the search interface
  • Optimized children’s lock function
  • Optimized the main interface prompt
  • Optimization when updating the device or background scan, the failed match and the cleared video will be forced to rematch
  • When opening the child lock, the edit poster must pass password verification
  • Optimized permission detection when adding devices
  • Add the TVDB interface
  • Optimized the file manager to view the poster function directly
  • Optimized the display of multimedia labels
  • To solve the problem of inaccurate year selection in the classification and screening interface
  • Optimized UI display
  • Optimized poster display speed

Startup Wizard:

  • Modify the UI and synchronize the system theme

Blu-Ray navigation:

  • The frame rate switching function is synchronized with the normal playback mode

Music player:

  • Fixed the problem that the machine will go to sleep when music is played
  • Added the shortcut function of the remote control (top, next, play/pause, stop, cycle mode, etc.)
  • Fixed the problem that cannot be saved after the playback mode and sound effects are restarted
  • Added DSF, DFF, SACD ISO music support

File manager:

  • Fixed the problem of choosing NFS devices to report errors when there is no network


  • Optimized the continuous play function of serial series on poster wall (all cyclic play functions need to be turned on for serialization)

Ссылка на скачивание прошивки:


Внимание! Решение об установке прошивки вы принимаете на свой страх и риск. Советуем внимательно ознакомиться с инструкцией по прошивке вашего смарт бокса перед его обновлением.

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