Прошивка для ZIDOO X9S v2.0.34

Прошивка для ZIDOO X9S v2.0.34

Компания ZIDOO выпустила очередную версию прошивки для смарт-бокса X9S с индексом 2.0.34. Прошивка включает множество исправлений и дополнений как в систему, так и в оригинальные приложения.

Основные изменения


  1. Fixed the problem that the bluetooth will turn on automatically when starting up
  2. Fixed the color exception of HDMI IN recording
  3. Fixed random crash problem when playback video
  4. Repairing playback 4K HDR and 10bit output, some TVs have minor color banding problems
  5. Fixed the original blu-ray disc audio drop problem of individual special playlists (Seamless Branching)
  6. Added the function of disk dormancy
  7. Repair the HDMI output mute switch
  8. Optimized system stability

Wall poster:

  1. Added children lock dynamic locking function
  2. Modified child lock description
  3. Fixed the problem that the rating of individual films cannot be obtained
  4. Added the mandatory password change function (set — child lock interface, focus on the unlock button, and then press «menu 21000» to page out password change interface)
  5. Optimization matching (for example, speed and passion 1 match to 10)
  6. Added the «mark as seen» function
  7. Added batch operation functions for collection, viewing records and unwatched categories
  8. Solved the problem that douban cannot get stills photos
  9. Adjust the welcome screen UI
  10. The main interface does not match the classification to increase the batch deletion function
  11. Fixed the problem that whether the network equipment is connected or not and judge the error
  12. Repair the problem that the equipment cannot be connected normally after starting up occasionally
  13. Optimized memory footprint and improve fluency
  14. Added edit mode
  15. Fixed the problem that the poster interface of the children’s zone was not refreshed
  16. Added page turning function (page turning key or number 2 and number 8) to the main interface
  17. Video number and matching success data information are added to the device interface
  18. Device management interface adds scanning progress prompt
  19. Fixed the problem of missing unmatched video caused by manual stop scanning
  20. Repair the problem of matching Douban dual flashback
  21. Added corner mark
  22. The optimization of the UI


  1. Fixed the problem that video did not close when playing, press the HOME button video
  2. Download the subtitle interface to add the film name prompt
  3. The default mode of playback is all cyclic playback
  4. Optimized subtitle display
  5. Optimized subtitle download and increase the matching success rate
  6. Optimized the subtitle adjustment interface
  7. Optimized playback stability

Blu-ray navigation:

  1. Synchronized the subtitles of local players

The control center:

1.Fixed some translations

Music player:

  1. Modified the issue of SACD audio crash in the playback part
  2. Modified and open the music player when starting up the machine to play SACD music, and the problem of playing SACD music needs to be selected twice
  3. Increased the playback SACD audio sampling rate to 176.4Khz
  4. Solved the problem that SACD cannot play the next song

File manager:

  1. Solved the problem of too long loading time into the list interface
  2. Fixed the flash back problem of SMB password with special characters
  3. Selected video file to open by default
  4. Solved the problem that video cannot select the hard disk directory


Quick settings:

  1. Added SACD audio processing switch
  2. Added HDD sleep function
  3. Fixed HDMI output mute switch
Ссылка на скачивание прошивки:


Внимание! Вы принимаете решение установить прошивку на свой страх и риск. Советуем внимательно ознакомиться с инструкцией по прошивке вашего смарт бокса перед его обновлением.

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